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Hunger in Washington State

Hundreds of thousands of people in Washington state face hunger and food insecurity every day. Hunger affects people in every community in our state, disproportionately impacting children, seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, working families and communities of color.

At Feeding Washington, we believe that geographic, racial and social inequities contribute to hunger and must be addressed in unison. Our approach is to bring together nonprofit partners, government agencies and elected officials to challenge systemic inequities and social injustice and develop long-term, sustainable strategies to ensure that everybody has enough food to eat.

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Working to end military family hunger

Working to end military family hunger

Military Hunger Prevention Act Update Last week, the House of Representatives passed the Defense Policy Bill. A key provision for us in solving hunger was including a Basic Needs Allowance for our military families to use. We received this update on what was included...


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