One of Feeding Washington’s key initiatives is the Hunger Relief Insights Project. Our goal is to help our community partners, like food banks, pantries and meal programs, grow the impact of their work through the implementation of Link2Feed software.

We currently have eight agency partners using Link2Feed for client registration and check-in. There are an additional five agencies working through the implementation process.

While each agency utilizes Link2Feed differently based on their programs, one of the most utilized features is the self-registration tool called CNCT (nicknamed “Connect”). This tool allows clients (people who are coming to the food bank for food and supplies) to register themselves into the food bank’s system.

CNCT is a fantastic tool for many reasons, including its attention to protecting clients’ privacy.

Here is some info on each of the benefits of this tool:

Client privacy
• CNCT does not require any paper forms to be filled out by the client. Information written on paper forms is more vulnerable and less secure. Paper forms need to be stored and/or destroyed securely to prevent unwanted access to this confidential information.
• Clients do not have to say their answers out loud to a food bank staff person where other people may hear their information.

Client-centered approach
• Clients can enroll on any device with an internet connection, including cell phones and tablets.
• Saves both food bank staff and clients time by allowing clients to register at their own pace when and where it is most convenient for them.
• Built-in Google translation tool allows the CNCT form to be translated into any language.
• System allows for self-determination. Clients can comfortably answer the questions they choose without fear of being judged or misrepresented.

• CNCT reduces human error through data entry mistakes or illegible writing on intake forms. It also reduces language barriers and chance of client being misheard or misunderstood.
• Support is available for clients as they self-register through an online form and email.

• Reduces manual labor of entering in each client’s information individually. This is especially beneficial when a client is part of a large household.
• CNCT is already created, so there is no additional work for the agency or food bank staff, aside from providing the link to clients (and Feeding Washington provides a template for that!)
• More eco-friendly by reducing paper waste.
• Clients visiting agencies with an appointment system can book directly online.

• Self-registration can be done with social distancing in place.
• Limits contact with commonly touched surfaces or shared items like pens, clipboards and paper.

If your food bank, pantry or meal program is interested in learning more, contact us. Feeding Washington’s Hunger Relief Insights team provides Link2Feed at low or no cost to agencies in our hunger relief network.