Feeding Washington asked its member Second Harvest to share a story. Below are some tasty recipes to try.

Author: Claire Hurd

The Fall Equinox was in late September which means we have officially welcomed a new season. We [Second Harvest] asked our staff what they loved about fall and we heard answers like “getting out sweaters again”, “watching the colors of the leaves change”, and “getting pumpkin donuts from Greenbluff!”. With the changing season, comes a new season of flavors and we want to share with you some of our favorite recipes for fall.


This fall classic is a favorite among staff. This recipe features a variety of different vegetables, lean proteins, and spices that are sure to be a delicious and nutritious meal (and leave your home smelling amazing). This is a fantastic recipe for those who are not as enthusiastic about their veggies. The flavors come together to create a delicious blend of warm spices that will taste as good as they smell. And best of all, it is a one-pot type of meal which means less clean up in the kitchen!

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Nothing says fall quite like soup and squash. This recipe features hints of squash, pears, garlic, ginger and thyme, although the winter squash is the main star of the show. Winter squash is an umbrella name for the variety of squash that are harvested between September and October. Some examples of winter squash would be acorn, butternut, banana, and delicata squash. For this recipe, choose your favorite! This recipe will have a creamier consistency than a traditional soup, but the only dairy involved, is a dollop of yogurt!

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This side dish is a Thanksgiving classic in the Second Harvest Kitchen. Potatoes, celery, apples, and onions come together to create a healthy dish to compliment those fall family dinners. If you’re someone who likes some extra crunch, try adding carrots or bell peppers. Or you can switch up your dressing with a vinaigrette or creamy yogurt dressing. Make it your own!

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This one may sound a little different, but it is absolutely delicious. Some families make Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches, we took that idea and made it a quesadilla. With turkey, spinach, cranberry sauce and cheese, this mashup is a unique way to use those leftovers. If you want a little extra flavor, add a dash of cayenne pepper or chili powder before folding the quesadilla in half.

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While this may not be a pumpkin donut from Greenbluff, these cookies are a great opportunity to take fresh apples and put them to use in a delicious baked good. We promise your house will smell amazing with hints of apples, brown sugar and nutmeg. Change up your golden delicious for a honey crisp and see how your variety of apple changes the flavor. Our favorite add-ins for this recipe include oats and cinnamon.

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