Agriculture Partners

Agriculture producers across the state support Feeding Washington to feed our neighbors in need.

Agriculture Partners

Feeding Washington relies on the generosity of our food donors. By partnering with Feeding Washington, food industry donors can ensure this fresh and nutritious product fills a need and an empty stomach.

Food industry partners are the primary source of donated food used to end hunger in the state of Washington. Donating to Feeding Washington is an efficient and effective way to be part of a statewide solution to hunger. Food safety and protecting the quality of donated products are top priorities. Your donation of farm-fresh, locally grown produce will make a difference in the health and wellness of hungry families, children and seniors in Washington and beyond.

Some examples of the types of donations we accept are Number 2 or imperfect produce, and excess/unmarketable loads, both bulk and cased.

Why Donate?

Besides helping the thousands of people in need in communities across Washington, and millions more across the country, donating also has other benefits.  These include:


  • Federal Tax Incentives
  • Reduced Storage and Disposal Costs
  • Product Pickup


To learn more or discuss specific donation opportunities, please contact

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